WELCOME TO the BGL Website! We are a Virginia not-for-profit corporation with IRS 501 (c) 3 approval to receive tax deductible gifts toward our South Asia mission ministries. Re: Donations to BGL, A financial statement is available upon written request from the Virginia Commonwealth Office of Consumer Affairs. All who donate to BGL through the PayPal link on this website will receive a tax deductible receipt at year's end.

I am a retired pastor and president of the American BGL, incorporated in Virginia. I have been working with a national missionary evangelist in South Asia for ten years. We will call him "Barney." Not his real name but an appropriate nick-name. Like Barnabas in the Bible, Barney is a great encourager. We plan to be careful on this website to protect his security by not giving names (except made up names), nor specific locations. "Barney" was converted to Jesus by reading a Gideon Bible in South Asia. After leaving his profession, he came to the USA and was the room-mate of our son in Bible College. That was our first connection with "Barney."

My main calling with "Barney" has been to train pastors and leaders to plant indigenous house churches in India. On my first trip to there in 2002, "Barney" introduced me to his ministry. He had preached and won people to Christ in several countries but had not yet planted any churches. I said, "You have to plant churches!" He answered, "I don't have any trained pastors." He asked me to help him train pastors and we have been doing that since then. "Barney" makes the local arrangements for three-day pastor training seminars and we go and teach them. We have taught 25 of these seminars several countries, averaging almost 100 men in each seminar, with more than 2000 men to plant churches. God has blessed this ministry. Praise Him!



In 2010 we fully organized our Virginia branch of BGL authorizing us to receive tax deductible donations. With your prayers and tax-deductible donations God has helped us to expand this ministry. Other young men have joined me and are assisting in the teaching the seminars.

Barney and his regional coordinators are also teaching our seminars even when we are not there.

Thank you for visiting our BGL website. May God bless you, Sincerely in Christ, President of BGL.

P. S. I am also not giving my name or any other real names coming to India, for security reasons.

Great BGL Banquet May 17th, 2014 with about 200 present and great response to our silent auction and fund raiser! Praise God for all who prayed for us and especially those who attended and gave! Blessings, President of BGL



President's Blog
From time to time I will be writing a President's Blog. It will be a brief Bible meditation, usually not more than one full page. I am thinking of at least three or more per week. As we get this started we will have opportunity for you to subscribe and get an email with the subject and Scripture and a link to open it. We will also accept Bible questions which we will consider as subjects for the President's Blog. You will have opportunity to email your responses to: president@bglva.org. However, we will not accept questions re: details of our ministry in South Asia for security reasons. We will look forward to hearing from you. Blessings in Jesus, president of BGL